Everything You Need About E Liquid

E-liquids contain the nicotine that you crave so much in regular cigarettes without the added health risks that are associated with tobacco cigarettes. The liquid nicotine can be enjoyed with the addition of flavor cartridges in places where regular cigarettes are banned. These flavor cartridges for electronic cigarettes are available in varying degrees of nicotine strength. You can purchase cartridges that contain as much as 18mg of nicotine and you can purchase cartridges that do not contain any nicotine.

There are several manufacturers that produce not only e-cigarettes but also the e-liquid that goes into the cartridges. Once you are able to control the amount of nicotine that you are exposed to, you will be on your path to becoming less addicted to nicotine and you will finally be able to stop smoking for good.

E-Liquid Is The Source Of Nicotine In Electronic Cigarettes

Nicotine is the drug that is found in cigarettes. This drug is highly addictive, and many people who begin as recreational smokers quickly realize how addictive nicotine can be. Although nicotine is addictive, it is not considered the most dangerous carcinogen found in cigarettes. Tar and smoke contribute to many of the smoking related health issues that are plaguing the country.

Nicotine Replacement Products

Before e-cigarettes arrived on the market, smokers who were trying to quit used patches, gums and other products designed to help reduce nicotine dependence. However, these products can also leave a smoker with withdrawal symptoms. This is because these products do not deal with the smoking experience like e-cigarettes do.

When a person uses an e-cigarette, they are still going through the same actions as if they were smoking a regular cigarette. They are able to draw on the electronic cigarette and inhale the vapor that is released when the e-liquid is heated.

Flavor Cartridges Contain Liquid Nicotine

Most manufacturers produce flavor cartridges with e liquid already inside of them. However, more manufacturers such as EverSmoke allow uses to select the strength of e –liquid they want before they purchase a flavor cartridge. This option gives smokers even more control over how much nicotine they are exposed to.

Starter Kits Give Smokers Nicotine Options

First time users of electronic cigarettes typically purchase starter kits so they will have all of the tools required to use their electronic cigarette. Manufacturers such as Volcano offer smokers options with their e-cigarettes starter kits. Smokers can choose doses of e liquid that do not contain nicotine, and they have the option of choosing a dose that rivals in strength to the nicotine found in unfiltered cigarettes.

How To Add E-Liquid To Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

If you choose to order your liquid nicotine separately instead of purchasing a cartridge that already has the nicotine added, you will need to use a medicine dropper so you can adequately add the liquid nicotine into the cartridge. You will then wait a few moments so the liquid is completely absorbed in the cartridge.

There are many e-liquid choices on the market for you to select from. You can read customer reviews or try a few of the liquids to decide the one that is best for you.