Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

There are numerous methods to quitting smoking and one that is gaining a great deal of popularity is that of the electronic cigarette. It can be difficult moving from being a smoker to a non-smoker and finding the ideal method can be challenging. To overcome this difficulty in deciding on a method, there are various frequently asked questions that people ask professionals about smoking techniques or programs. This article includes information about the most commonly asked questions about smoking electronic cigarettes and the answers provided.

1. How is smoking electronic cigarette vapor similar to smoking tobacco?

The electronic cigarette is very similar to traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes in shape, but there are various differences. One of the differences is that the smoker inhales vapor instead of tobacco when using the electronic cigarette, the vapor producing the necessary nicotine to satisfy any cravings being had. Electronic cigarettes vaporize the nicotine and then emit water vapor which eliminates tar and smoke; therefore the nicotine produced by e cigs is less harmful than the nicotine produced by tobacco-filled traditional cigarettes.

Due to the fact that electronic cigarettes present in a variety of sizes, flavors and nicotine strengths, numerous tobacco smokers have now transitioned into vapor smokers. Of course, beginner electronic cigarette smokers may notice a minor change in the taste of the e cig as compared to the traditional cigarette. In order to manage this change it is recommended that you wean yourself onto e cigs slowly integrating the electronic cigarette with your traditional cigarette smoking before transitioning completely.

2. Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Currently electronic cigarettes are not regulated and the manufacturers are not legally obliged to provide individuals with a list of the e cigs ingredients in the packaging. Research has shown that there are approximately twenty ingredients in the average electronic cigarette with the majority of them as naturally-occurring chemicals found in biological processes. Furthermore, studies have shown that vapor smoking will remove over 2,000 of all toxic chemicals present in the traditional tobacco-filled traditional cigarettes.
Unfortunately, the electronic cigarette does have pitfalls when discussing ingredients and some side effects have been noted. One particular area of skepticism is the eliquid store element and further studies are being conducted to determine the effects of this in the long-term.

3. Are electronic cigarettes successful in quitting smoking?

The answer to whether the use of electronic cigarettes are a successful method to stopping smoking is rather complex. Electronic cigarettes are not marketed as a smoking cessation product, but rather as a more convenient and healthier means of smoking and reducing nicotine intake. Users of electronic cigarettes are generally a step towards quitting smoking, but are more successful than the ‘cold turkey’ options like nicotine patches.

4. Can I smoke electronic cigarettes in public?

According to current regulations it is possible to smoke electronic cigarettes in public areas as they do not involve any burning and do not cause second-hand smoke. However, it is recommended that you check your local regulations to determine whether or not the specific area you are in allows electronic cigarettes.